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Chashmeet Singh
Since the beginning of my journey as a freelance developer nearly 4 years ago, I've been working remotely for startups and companies and have collaborated with many talented minds across the globe to create products for businesses and personal use. I love giving my ideas a new life and find happiness in constantly creating a better version of me everyday.


Food Court
Food Court

An iOS application to order food from multiple restaurants within a food court through a single transaction. The main idea is to drastically decrease user wait times, avoid queues and increase restaurant sales.

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An iOS app which acts as an intelligent personal assistant and is able to perform several tasks such as calculations, fetching recipes, interacting with wifi enabled devices, etc.

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Track My Shows

Ever forgot which episodes you already watched? Missed an episode because you lost track of time? Well, no more! The perfect TV companion app is here!

Successfully sold this app for $2500 USD.

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Go4Ellis connects Athletic Trainers with per diem work opportunities covering games, practices, camps, clinics, tournaments and more.
Go4Ellis is also the only service for hiring per-diem Athletic Trainers that is endorsed by NATA, the National Association of Athletic Trainers.

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Wagon Cab iOS
Wagon Cab iOS

A contract based iOS app built for a startup "Wagon Cab" from scratch for their initial release of the platform. It was built within a span of 10 days with support for a month.

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Hide Status Bar Items

A simple tweak which helps to hide specific components in the statusbar like the battery text, battery icon, carrier text, wifi icon and many more.

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I worked with Chashmeet on a crowdfunding website in the first half of 2015. In my view he is in the top 5 percent of coders. He was adept at Ruby on Rails, and we got a prototype made within a couple of weeks. His coding is precise, well thought out and practiced. He works with energy and enthusiasm, concentrating 100% on the task at hand. I never saw his cursor stop moving in all the hours we worked together. When I decided to rewrite the codebase in Phoenix/Elixir, Chashmeet was fearless in moving to a new technology stack. Instead of applying copypasted solutions, I saw him think through each problem deeply, and solve it using logic and persistence. Out of the 25 part time coders I hired in 2015, Chashmeet was one of the best. I'd give him my highest recommendation.
Jake Mackenzie
He mentored me for Google Summer of Code 2018. He is everything one could look for in a good mentor. I believe my success in Google Summer of Code is at least in part due to his sincere support and mentorship. He brought incredible insight, balanced perspectives and at the same time has challenged me at all the right times to push myself that much harder to achieve my ambitions. He is very analytical, thoughtful and is realistic about what is achievable. He has been an excellent friend, mentor and a great inspiration for me. He has shown me the value of honesty, sincerity, and trust in Open Source community. He groomed me to be sound professionals and made working with him was an interesting and memorable experience.
Jogendra Kumar (Google Summer of Code 2018 Student Developer)
Chashmeet was hired by me as a freelance developer to support various development projects that were part of the launch of our brand new web-app based business. My experiences with Chashmeet were spectacular and I consider him a large part of our success. Chashmeet gained respect from his colleague developers by taking extra time to provide constructive feedback to their code as friendly support and allegiance to the project. However, the greatest differentiator that I have observed in Chashmeet is his ability to qualitatively grasp the key business goal, and precisely identify the most efficient solution. Working with Chashmeet has been a pleasure because we can quickly discuss the conceptual framework, then he is able to produce. This attribute of a developer is invaluable.
Colin Ambler (Former CTO NXT Sports LLC)

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